2024 Affiliate Player Standings

The Associates List is built from CDC Q-Schools and Summer Series events and excludes CDC Tour Card holders. It is used to fill any remaining places in Main Tour events after the close of Tour Card holder registration.

RankPlayerPointsLegs WonLegs LostWin%Events
1Nathan Humphries22514553.13%7
2Joe Hedrick18483260%4
3Chris McHargue18393751.32%4
4Jeff McDonald16182640.91%4
5Kevin Luke1423874.19%1
6Edward Pope14281663.64%2
7Nick McCoy13293346.77%5
8Ritchell Penalosa12301862.5%2
9Anthony Cianciolo12301862.5%2
10Davey Mayne12241758.54%2
11Anthony Rohlfing12332655.93%3
12Jason Milks1115478.95%1
13Patrick Kithi11161159.26%1
14Chris Wessler1110662.5%1
15Jeffrey Steinberg11262650%4
16Chad Massengill10311863.27%2
17Elmer Kempt9152141.67%3
18Jason Temecko8241758.54%2
19Gerrard Gillcrest812666.67%1
20Jerry Moore8191359.38%1
21Ken Hwang812957.14%1
22Marc Llano8211853.85%2
23Frederic Dumont89756.25%1
24Josh Sterling8131252%1
25Morgan Dotson87750%1
26Michael Peter, Jr.8252649.02%4
27James Blais8101147.62%1
28Tanja Bencic86940%1
29Tim Lemponen872422.58%4
30Robert Dugre7131448.15%2
31Jacob Koch7151845.45%3
32Miles Gallagher7131644.83%2