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Player Advisory Council

The CDC Player Advisory Council was established in 2020 to facilitate better communication between CDC Tour Card holders and company management. The council consists of seven members, one of whom must always be the PDPA Representative. The other six members will come from the ranks of Tour Card holders and will serve two-year terms, with three members up for election by the cardholders each year to maintain some continuity on the Council at all times. The inaugural council was appointed by CDC with three of the initial members serving one year terms and three serving two-year terms.

If you are a Tour Card holder and have concerns or suggestions to bring to the Principals, the Player Advisory Council is your voice. Management will meet regularly with the council and, in addition to listening to player concerns, will seek regular input on critical issues affecting the player base. Council members are expected to maintain an open dialog with cardholders, so feel free to have a discussion with them. You may also communicate with the full council via email at

Current Council Members

Russ Lyzak (Chair)

Gary Mawson (PDPA Representative)

Pat Gallagher

Dan Lauby, Sr.

Jim Long

John Part

Darin Young

Professional Dart Players Association

Professional Darts Players Association

North American Representative

Mr. Gary Mawson

If you have questions or need information
regarding the PDC or PDPA please contact Gary.