CDC Races to Indianapolis

The stars of the Championship Darts Circuit return to action for the launch of the 2023 campaign- May 19-21 in Indiana.

Kickoff Weekend on the 2023 Championship Darts Circuit will see Alex Spellman, the reigning CDC Continental Cup Champion, take his first step towards a title defense alongside the current PDC North American Champion Leonard Gates. The spectacular field also includes last season’s overall Tour Points leader, Danny Baggish, who is joined by the top 2022 Canadian player, David Cameron. CDC’s all time winningest player Larry Butler will also toe the oche along with rising star Gavin Nicoll.

These players will be joined by many others – including a significant number of Circuit debutants – as they clash in Brownsburg for their share of a $10,000 purse (per event) along with valuable tour points towards the rankings. All three events will be streamed live on PDC TV and simulcast on the CDC YouTube channel (@champdarts). Live coverage begins 30 minutes after each tournament commences.

Weekend #1- Indianapolis Event Schedule:

  • Event #1- May 19th @ 6:00 pm “Galaxy Barrel Bash”
  • Event #2- May 20th @ 12:00 pm “A-Z Darts Duel”
  • Event #3- May 21st @ 2:00 pm “HitKor Indianapolis 501”

Event Prize Money:

Champion: $2,000 / Runner-up: $1,000 / Top 4: $800 / Top 8: $600 / Top 16: $375

Event Format:

Best-of-9 Legs through the round of 32 / Last 16 and quarterfinals: Best-of-11 Legs / Semifinals and Final: Best-of-13 Legs


Ricky Allred
Matt Arpin
Danny Baggish
Joe Beecroft
Doug Boehm
Sylvain Bourdeau
Jason Brandon
Trevor Buboltz
Stowe Buntz
Larry Butler
Chris Caldwell
David Cameron
Harry Carter
Roger Carter
Joe Chaney
Darryl Christie
Anthony Cianciolo
Bradley Clause
James Damore
JT Davis
Keifer Durham
Michael Esquibel
Rob Ethington
David Fatum
Justin Fawcett
Brian Fenlon
Gino Florian
Paul Forauer
Chris Franklin
Ben Garner
Leonard Gates
Nick Georgeson
Joe Hedrick
Hossey Hicks
Jacob Johnson
Brandon Kessler
Patrick Kithi
John Kuczynski
Danny Lauby
Ed Laveck
Chris Lawson
Randall Lewis
John Liggett
Nick Linberg
Jim Long
Ron Looker
Joey Lynaugh
Jake Macmillan
Gary Mawson
Elliot Milk
Jeremiah Millar
Michael Nguyen
Gavin Nicoll
John Norman
Tim OBrien
Rory Orvis
John Part
Charles Puleo
Anthony Romero
Eugene Schmitt
Jimmy Solek
Alex Spellman
Jeff Springer Jr
Seth Steffano
John Steinhofer
Chris Swanson
Jacob Taylor
Matthew Thompson
Ryan Vander Weit
Steve Warnock
Jason Watt
Keith Way
Jake Womack
Darin Young