Nick Linberg

Nick Linberg

Age: 39

Current Town: Liberty Township, Ohio (suburb of Cincinnati)

Hometown: Fairfield, Ohio (suburb of Cincinnati)

Profession/Hobbies outside of darts: Profession: Executive Director of Strategic Programming (Education Administrator)

Hobbies: 3 boys; 12, 10, and 10. I enjoy being an active parent in their hobbies; baseball, soccer, piano, percussion, track, swimming, and wrestling.

Current Sponsors: Dart Brokers, Galaxy Barrels

Type Dart and Manufacturer: Custom made straight barrel dart.

Type Flight and Shaft and Manufacturer: Black Nylon shaft, Red Amazon Standard Flight.

Dart Weight: 22g

Major Titles or Tournament Wins:

  • 2018 CDC Event #7 Champion
  • Cricket Singles Champion at the Fleetwood Memorial Las Vegas
  • Cricket and 5O1 Singles Champion at the Buckeye Open
  • 501 Champion at the WADA Open.