Leonard Gates

Nickname: Soldier

Age: 48

Current City: Houston TX.

Hometown: San Antonio TX.

Profession/Hobbies outside of darts:  Independent contractor, playing league baseball, working out, singing, dancing.

Current Sponsors: L-style, Dynasty Aflow, Dartslive, Defiance Darts, Powerhouse Sportz, Horoscope

Type of Darts: SOLDIERS by Dynasty Aflow

Type of Flights: soldier signature L1 flights shafts 330 carbon, Laro by L-style inc.

Dart Weight: steel tip 21.5g, soft tip 17.5g

Major Titles:

  • 2016 and 2018 CDC match play Champion
  • 2018 CDC Tour Event 3 and Event 5 Champion
  • Dartslive 3 Time World Stage Participant