CDC Championship League


Cyber Series Trifecta

Final Standings Below

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Seeded using the CDC OoM

16 players= 4 seeds
32 players= 8 seeds
64 player= 16 seeds
16 players4 seeds
32 players8 seeds
64 players16 seeds


All Cyber Series events are 501 FI/DO with a progressive leg count:

Round of 128 – Best of 9
Round of 64 – Best of 11
Round of 32 – Best of 13
Round of 16 – Best of 15
Round of 8 – Best of 17
Round of 4 – Best of 19
Round of 2 – Best of 2
Round of 128Best of 9
Round of 64Best of 11
Round of 32Best of 13
Round of 16Best of 15
Round of 8Best of 17
Round of 4Best of 19
Round of 2 Best of 21

Final Cyber Series Order of Merit

The top-four players on the final Cyber Series Order of Merit shared in a bonus prize pool.
For full OoM Click Here

RankPlayerTotal PointsLeg WinsLeg LossesPlus/Minus
1Jacob Taylor268140+41
2Matt Campbell267542+33
3Jim Long248055+25
4Alex Spellman245539+16
5Keifer Durham227549+29
6Larry Butler206146+15
7Shawn Brenneman205954+5
8Ross Snook164244-2
9Jacob Womack123331+2
10Andrew Park123236-4
11Justin Fawcett113137-6
12John Steinhofer102127-6
13Jeff Leonard102432-8
14Paul Tait91326-13
15Jeff Springer82428-4
16Elliott Milk8920-11

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